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Docker sandbox for application behavior analysis

Recently, I faced the problem: analyse the network requests and disk access of a JAR package. I tried to search for some ready to use solution, but I couldn鈥檛 find anything more simple than to run a Docker container. So, my first thought was: set up a container with a network and file monitor and then start the JAR inside. After some problems and lack of tutorials I found a good solution, that鈥檚 not only solved my problem but can be used to solve other problems with the same nature: monitor the behavior of some application inside a container....

May 7, 2021 路 4 min 路 Polotto

The amazing Git Archive

I鈥檝e been using git for 5 years and this tool always surprises me. I faced a problem this week that seems simple but require a lot effort to execute using only the commands ZIP or TAR: Create a TAR archive of the project excluding all the files and folders included in the gitignore file. I tried only with the TAR command but my .gitigore was massive. After some research, I found the following example that uses git archive command to compress the project excluding the content of gitignore (this post):...

May 6, 2021 路 1 min 路 Polotto

Starting a blog

Hello there! I鈥檓 starting this blog with the objective to archive my daily discovery related to programming and computers. I hope this can be useful for other people with the same interests. Let鈥檚 get started!!!

May 5, 2021 路 1 min 路 Polotto